Ryan Tan

How to go from shy teenager to #1 salesperson in a 1000+ person organisation, why we need mentors and taking education into our own hands with Ryan Tan.

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Ryan went from a shy teenager to #1 salesperson for one of Australia’s largest telecom companies in 2017 out of 1000+ employees
  • Why we need to take our education into our own hands
  • Why we need mentors in business and life and what Ryan learned from investing $10k+ of his own money in mentors
  • Why Ryan reads a book a week
Joining me today is Ryan Tan, an investor and entrepreneur based in Sydney Australia.
Ryan describes himself as a curious person who has spent the last few years self educating and teaching himself practical skills he didn’t learn in school, including sales, personal branding, investing in the stock market, repairing credit, and even applied psychology.
He says he’s a living example of how having a bit of curiosity can take someone from clueless in life to achieving their goals.
For Ryan those achievements include becoming #1 overall salesperson in 2017 for Vodafone out of 1000+ employees, being awarded for having Best Marketing Strategy as part of work he did for Unilever, as well as building a stock portfolio that has outperformed the market for the past 6 years.
Ryan says he’s still on his journey to mastery in all these areas but he wants to share what he’s learning and help people on the way. He has recently started building his personal brand online focusing particularly on teaching principles of financial literacy to young people through his social media presence, online course and 1 on 1 mentorship program.