Aidan Vuocolo

How what started as a tactic to avoid business failure led to a thriving community of entrepreneurs with Aidan Vuocolo

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) The effect growing up in an environment of entrepreneurship had on Aidan, and what he learned from his first business venture (hiring out his pencil sharpener to fellow students in second grade)
  • 2) How he overcame preconceived notions of who other people thought he should be, and how he broke limiting beliefs around his height
  • 3) How he motivated himself to start a podcast and do videos despite being an introvert who doesn't like talking or being on camera
  • 4) What he’s learned from interviewing and distilling the knowledge and wisdom of 270+ successful entrepreneurs
  • 5) Why after 7 years of planning and preparing to open his own cafe he decided not to, and why we need to be open to pivoting and not see it as failure
IG: @aidanvoc & @storiesbehindthegrind
My guest today is Aidan Vuocolo. From a young age Aidan grew up around small businesses and always had an interest in entrepreneurship
Spending the last 15 years working in various businesses, from medical centres and engineering firms, to cafes and retail stores, he saw first hand the sobering trend that most small businesses fail within 3 years
Wanting to avoid becoming a part of this statistic in his own ventures, Aidan sought out business owners in various fields so he could learn from their experience, successes and failures
Eventually this pursuit of knowledge evolved into Stories Behind the Grind, a platform he created where he has interviewed over 270 entrepreneurs around the world, allowing others to see where their businesses started from, challenges they overcame and advice they have for those interested in pursuing a career in their industry
He also now works with small business owners to simplify, strategise and scale up the impact they are having
I wanted to bring Aidan on the show to discuss his journey with entrepreneurship, how he built up Stories Behind the Grind, and what he’s learned from interviewing almost 300 successful business owners