Rob Reynosa & Angie Sanchez

How to have a conscious and fulfilling relationship

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) The one thing we need to make sure is aligned going into a relationship, otherwise it’s doomed from the start
  • 2) Why masculine and feminine energy is different to your gender, and why it’s key that we learn how to move between the two
  • 3) Why the most intelligent and successful people have high sex drive, and how to channel it into creative outlets
  • 4) Why we need to focus on becoming what we want in a relationship
Angie Sanchez
IG: @iamangiesanchez
Rob Reynosa
IG: @robreynosa_ & @thinc_
My guests today are Rob Reynosa and Angie Sanchez. They’re a real power couple who I previously interviewed separately on the podcast. One of the topics we discussed in both these interviews was relationships, as both Rob and Angie have some fascinating insights and thoughts in this area
The reason I found their perspectives fascinating is because both of them have such a deep understanding not only of themselves individually, but how their personalities and actions affect their relationship together
The other reason is because they’re both super busy entrepreneurs doing big things whilst still maintaining a healthy productive relationship
I wanted to bring them on the show again together to discuss the circumstances where someone should be single or in a relationship, whether a relationship is something that slows them down in their business life, and how they balance their relationship as two alphas