Chase Boehringer

How to build a business around travelling the world and going on crazy adventures

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) How Chase built a business around travelling the world and going on crazy adventures
  • 2) Why pain can be the most powerful force for change in our life, and whether we need to experience deep pain to make big changes
  • 3) Why the opposite of fulfilment is being “just fine”, and why Chase would take trauma over being “just fine” any day
  • 4) Why we don’t need to drop everything in order to live a life of adventure
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My guest today is Chase Boehringer. Growing up in a small town in Oregon, Chase was expected to graduate high school, get married and land a job at the local plywood mill. Chase accomplished this at a young age, but despite achieving this idea of “success” he fell into a deep depression, divorced from his wife and even planned to commit suicide.
It was at that point that he started writing his bucket list. A list of things he never thought he’d be able to do, but wrote them down anyway. Over the next few years he slowly began ticking these items off his list and the adventure and experiences he was having started to bring meaning back into his life.
Eventually Chase wanted to start sharing these adventures with others and created The Bucketlist Lifestyle, a company that brings together select groups of people for once in a lifetime “Bucketlist-worthy” adventures
I wanted to bring Chase on the show to find out what it was like to achieve the life others wanted for him, and discovering it wasn’t what he wanted, how he got through that dark period, and how he built up The Bucketlist Lifestyle.