Susan McVea

How this introvert sold $600+ Million in her corporate sales role, and took her own coaching business from zero to 6 figures in 6 months

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) How Susan stumbled into a corporate sales role and went from shy introvert to selling $600+ million over an 18 year career
  • 2) How a life threatening car accident forced her to reassess her life and prioritise her health and family, and how she got through this dark period
  • 3) The one thing she does differently to most that helped take her coaching business from zero to 6 figures in 6 months, and stay consistently at multi 6 figures since then
  • 4) Why selling is a crucial skill for all business owners that is learnable and doesn’t have to be sleazy
  • 5) How she helped 30+ of her own clients go from sales novices to 7 figure sales in their own businesses
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My guest today is Susan McVea, she is a business sales strategist and coach. She helps online service based entrepreneurs sell with more ease and less sleaze with a proven step-by-step sales process that makes her clients money and gets them serving even more of their dream clients.
In her 18 years of corporate sales experience, she’s generated over $600 million in sales. She has built a business from scratch going from ZERO to $15 million in 18 months. She’s also helped 30+ of her own clients go from ZERO to 7 figure sales in their own business.
Susan is passionate about helping her clients grow their businesses without sacrificing their family time or health as she knows first hand the challenges around balancing these things.
I wanted to bring Susan on the show to find out how she thinks about sales, how she was able to excel in a sales role as an introvert who wasn’t a natural, how a life threatening car accident caused her to reassess her priorities, and how she grew her own consulting business.