Robert James Collier

How Robert James Collier built a business around hosting dinners on yachts and at private villas

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) The problem Robert saw with most networking events, and how he was able to disrupt this broken model
  • 2) How he was nearly got sued for $40k which almost derailed his business before it even began
  • 3) How Robert was able to give a TEDx talk, and his advice for being a better speaker
  • 4) What Robert learned from various spiritual experiences including a 10 day silent meditation retreat, and an ayahuasca journey
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My guest today is Robert James Collier, an entrepreneur and TEDx speaker based in Dallas Texas.
As entrepreneurs and businesspeople, we all know the value of cultivating a strong network, and early in his career Robert saw this too. He was attending a lot of networking events, but saw a big problem with these, they were all about slinging business cards and taking from other people.
Out of growing frustration from attending these transactional events, Robert founded Entrepreneurs Dinner, a unique event which brings together a highly curated group of like minded entrepreneurs who are looking to serve. Attendees help each other overcome their biggest business challenges while enjoying a dinner prepared by private chefs. These events take place anywhere from private villas to yachts, and attendees walk away having built lifelong friendships and business connections.
He has helped over 100 entrepreneurs to accelerate their business success by gaining greater emotional clarity to fulfill their vision, meeting 1-2 life-changing mentors per quarter, and developing long-term partnerships to reach their financial goals even faster.
He has shared the same platform with Former President Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson.
I wanted to bring Robert on the show to discuss how he started and grew Entrepreneurs Dinner, what separates these events from regular networking events, and find out what’s next for him