Ryan Lindsey

Disrupting the UK car insurance industry with Cuvva

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) Why the best business ideas mean nothing unless you have good execution and distribution
  • 2) What Ryan learned from 6 years of failed business attempts, and how those failures actually prepared him for his successes today
  • 3) What he’s learned from being employee number 5 at Cuvva (now 60+ employees), an insurtech startup that’s disrupting the car insurance industry
  • 4) Why you’ll never “make it”, and it’s more important to focus on the journey instead
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My Guest today is Ryan Lindsey. Ryan has a diverse range of experiences, he’s built an online personal fitness brand, a wholesale fruit and veg business, a cooked breakfast delivery company, written 2 books and even built a meditation app
Today he’s a data analyst at Cuvva, which is a UK based insurtech startup, disrupting the car insurance space by offering car insurance on demand for infrequent drivers
I wanted to bring Ryan on the show to discuss what he’s learned from his past business ventures, what it’s like working at a company disrupting an industry as archaic as the car insurance space, and what his plans for the future are