Glenn Rogers

How to build a fully remote SaaS company serving 2k+ customers without raising any capital

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) What Glenn learned from trying and failing to raise capital, and why he looks back on being forced to remain bootstrapped as a blessing
  • 2) Why niching down and being something to someone gave them an edge over bigger, heavily funded players in the space
  • 3) How Glenn manages a fully remote team, and the benefits and challenges of building his company in this way
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My guest today is Glenn Rogers, he’s the founder and CEO of Float, a resource scheduling app that helps agencies, studios and firms keep track of who's doing what when
In 2012 Glenn was working for an ad agency in New York City and noticed that a lot of agencies were using spreadsheets to manage 300+ person teams and thought there must be a better way
At this point the idea for Float was born and over the next few years Glenn worked on the business as a side project on nights and weekends
Today they’re profitable and remain bootstrapped with a 100% remote team around the world and are serving over 2000 customers including NASA, Deloitte and Vice
I wanted to bring Glenn on the show to find out how he launched and grew Float, how he manages a fully remote team, and what he’s learned from growing the business without raising any money