Tomas Stanford

From unfulfilling job to selling $150k of diaries in 2018

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) How Tomas and his partner Alex went from jobs they didn't like to starting their own business and selling $150k of diaries in 2018
  • 2) The tactics Tomas used to market the product initially without spending ad dollars
  • 3) How Tomas overcame the challenges of transitioning from employee to entrepreneur
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My guest today is Tomas Stanford. In 2017 Tomas and his partner Alex were unhappy in their jobs and looking to start a business on the side. After a few attempts that went nowhere, Alex saw a gap in the market when she couldn’t find a yearly planner that was exactly what she wanted, and this frustration led to Saint Belford
Saint Belford is a brand that looks to provide its customers with the tools they need to improve their lifestyle, the main product being the yearly Curation Diary
What started as a $15k investment out of their Melbourne apartment grew to a healthy 6 figure business within 18 months of conception, and they now support various mental health initiatives such as Beyond Blue and R U OK?
I wanted to bring Tomas on the show to find out how he launched Saint Belford, how he grew it to beyond 6 figures and where he plans to take the business next