Mauro Bex

The mental, physical and emotional challenges of keeping elite athletes, entrepreneurs and creatives at the top of their game, with high performance coach Mauro Bex.

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What you’ll learn from this interview:

My guest today is Mauro Bex, he is a High Performance Coach based in Lisbon Portugal.
Mauro is the founder of Manifesto108, a coaching service that mainly works with professional athletes, creatives and entrepreneurs, and unlike some coaches who just pump people up with temporary motivation that eventually fades, Mauro focuses on fundamental principles and core habits so that peak performance becomes a natural state for his clients instead of relying on random spikes of motivation.
His motto is “BE what it takes” which means aligning physical, mental and emotional aspects to bring out the best of what his clients already have in themselves.
I wanted to bring Mauro on the show to find out how he helps clients, why we need coaches, and what we can learn from his 15+ years of coaching high performers