Dan Martell

How Dan Martell went from jail to millionaire by age 27, raised money from Mark Cuban and spent a week with Richard Branson

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) How Dan turned his life around from drugs and jail time to successfully building and advising companies, and why looking back he's grateful for his hard upbringing and how it actually gives him confidence in his work today
  • 2) The equation for success no one told him that he wished he learned at age 17, and how to use it (the three levels of leverage)
  • 3) The one thing he did consistently early in his career that he looks back on as the most high leverage activity, and why he still does this whenever he travels to other cities
  • 4) The top 5 things all successful companies do that Dan noticed after being involved with 40+ startups
IG: @danmartell
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/danvmartell
Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/growth-stacking-podcast-dan/id1170821745?mt=2
My guest today is Dan Martell, a Canadian entrepreneur and investor with an interesting story. Dan had a challenging upbringing, at age 15 he went to jail and at age 17 he spent 11 months in rehab
It was during this time he discovered computer programming, becoming fascinated in starting and growing software businesses, and his life took a positive turn. He made his first million by age 27, founded 5 companies and successfully exited 3 of them. he’s invested in over 40 startups, raised money from Mark Cuban and even spent a week with Richard Branson
Today he’s an authority on building and scaling SaaS businesses, he’s advised some companies you’ll recognize like Intercom, Hootsuite and Udemy and has spoken around the world and to MBA classes at Berkeley and Stanford
I wanted to bring Dan on the show to find out how he went from jail time to building and advising successful companies, how he thinks about business in general, and what’s next for him