Nate Gell

How to become a digital nomad (live and work anywhere)

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) How Nate went from bouncing around between jobs he didn’t like, to building location independent businesses that allow him to work from anywhere
  • 2) The mental health challenges he faced earlier in his life including depression and anxiety, and how he got past them
  • 3) The challenges and realities of living a digital nomad lifestyle that you don’t see on Instagram
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My guest today is Nate Gell. Feeling stuck in a job he didn’t like, and after coming back from a trip to India, Nate and his partner Mel decided they wanted to try and live a digital nomad lifestyle where they could live and work from anywhere
At this point they went about building a location independent business. Today he runs an affiliate website called eSkatehub and they also run a Google AdWords agency which helps small businesses with their paid Google ads
I wanted to bring Nate on the show to find out how he made the transition to living a digital nomad lifestyle, how he sustains himself while travelling and also some of the challenges with living this way