Renat Gabitov

How this marketer grew his agency and engineered his ideal lifestyle

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) How being bold and thinking differently got Renat a kite surfing session with Richard Branson and regular use of luxury hotel amenities for free
  • 2) How Renat grew his marketing agency by focussing on human psychology and thinking principles, as opposed to specific tools and tactics
  • 3) How he built a thriving community of entrepreneurs and set up three co living spaces around the world
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10 year manifesto:
My guest today is Renat Gabitov, he runs an agency called Prometheus where he helps thought Leaders and Serviced-Based Companies in the peak performance space with their marketing. Previous clients include Steven Kotler (9x Bestselling Author, x2 Pulitzer Prize Nominee), Paul Austin (Founder of The Third Wave), and the Global Blockchain Forum
He’s also the founder of Lifestyle Engineering which is a private community of life hackers, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and change makers. Through this platform he’s created 3 pop-up coliving spaces around the world, visited over 70 countries and built location independent streams of income
I wanted to bring Renat on the show to find out how he built up his marketing agency how he applies engineering thinking to the context of life, what he’s learned from his experiments in lifestyle design, and what’s next for him