Melissa Yu

Dealing with loss, suicide and turning your mess into your message

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) How Melissa dealt with extremely challenging circumstances in her young life, growing up as one of the few Chinese families in her community and losing her partner of 6 years to suicide in 2014
  • 2) How she was able to turn her mess into her message and show up with more meaning and purpose in her work today because of the pain and challenges she’s been through
  • 3) How she built up her events business and created Australia’s largest Streetwear & Lifestyle Expo
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My guest today is Melissa Yu, founder and director of Melbourne based MCO Events, and creator of Ego Expo which is Australia’s largest Streetwear & Lifestyle Expo
Melissa has been forced to overcome some incredibly hard challenges in her life. She lost her partner to suicide in 2014 which motivated her to start speaking about Mental Health & Suicide Prevention
I wanted to bring Melissa on the show to find out how she got through such devastating circumstances, how she’s been able to channel that experience into her purpose and work and the importance of prioritising mental health in her own entrepreneurship journey with MCO Events