Erik Bergman

He made €50 million before turning 30, now he’s giving it away

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) How Erik went from humble beginnings to making €50 million before his 30th birthday, including €15 million in one day
  • 2) The dark side of such meteoric growth, the toll it took on his health and relationships
  • 3) Erik’s opinion on whether money buys happiness (the answer may surprise you)
  • 4) Why Erik decided to build a business with the sole intention of giving away all the money he makes from it
IG: @erik.bergman
My guest today is Erik Bergman. He founded a company called Catena Media which does online lead generation, largely for the gambling industry. In 2016 he took the company public and made €15 million in one day.
When the high of making millions wore off after a few weeks, he realised that life isn’t just about money and today he’s the founder of, which is what he calls a next generation charity: A company focused on making as much money as possible - only to give it all away. He’s also the host of the podcast “Becoming Great”.
I wanted to bring Erik on the show to find out how he built up Catena Media, what it was like going from humble beginnings to making millions, the emotional toll such rapid growth had on his personal life, and what he’s doing now with