Mark Dobson

Time Rich - Managing Time for Ambition, Productivity and Lifestyle

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) The three segments of time, and how to navigate between them to maximise productivity
  • 2) Why blindly following to do lists isn’t helping us achieve our goals
  • 3) Why the obsession with the future at the expense of the present is where misery comes from
My guest today is Mark Dobson, he's an elite performance strategist based in Melbourne Australia. After helping elite athletes maximise their talents and achieve world class results for 15 years, and being involved with medals at Olympic and world championships, he found the same success principles apply to business
Today his sole focus is translating those elite sporting lessons to help business owners and leaders achieve world class levels of performance for themselves and the teams and organisations they lead
One of the concepts that Mark has expertise on that I'm curious about is the idea of being "Time Rich", so I wanted to bring Mark on the show to do a deep dive on how people can manage time for ambition, productivity and lifestyle