Ross Menghini

#3 Travelling the world and building location independent businesses with Ross Menghini.

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What you’ll learn from this interview:

A lot of people have read the four hour work week and imagined what it would be like to build a location independent business so they can travel and work from anywhere and live life on their own terms.
Well my guest today is Ross Menghini, whilst honeymooning in Bali, he and his wife Lucy had the same idea and decided they wanted to craft a life of travelling and working from around the world. In January 2018 the two traded their Manchester apartment, life, jobs, wardrobes and friends for 2 backpacks, 2 macs and 2 one way tickets out of the UK.
Ross and Lucy traveled the world whilst building a portfolio of businesses and they’re documenting the whole experience on their Podcast, LIFE DESIGN DIARIES. They also recently launched a podcast agency called Hear & Tell which helps companies produce podcasts that make them stand out and win more business.
I wanted to bring Ross on the show so I could find out how he built this life for himself, what he’s learned from travelling the world and building businesses, and how someone listening can apply what he’s learned to their own life.