Nate Checketts

How Nate Checketts built Rhone during his commute to work

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) How Nate used a 2 hour commute to his job at the NFL to build Rhone apparel on the side
  • 2) How he launched his business and generated $80k sales in the first 2 months without spending any money on advertising
  • 3) Why raising money can be a massive distraction for founders, and how he thinks about taking on investors after raising over $20 Million for Rhone
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My guest today is Nate Checketts, he’s the co founder and CEO of Rhone apparel
Nate was feeling unfulfilled in his career and saw a gap in the premium men’s activewear market, so he used his 2 hour daily work commute to start Rhone on the side
Fast forward to today and Rhone has raised over $20 million in funding and can be found in retail stores around the world
I wanted to bring Nate on the show to find out how he built up Rhone while juggling a full time job and family, what he’s learned from this journey so far, and what’s next for him