Richard Turnbull

From senior management consultant to online entrepreneur

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) Why Richard left his position as a senior management consultant at Ernst & Young to pursue entrepreneurship, and how he made this transition
  • 2) The three different types of entrepreneurs and why it’s important to know and accept who you really are
  • 3) The process Richard goes through when creating new businesses, and why the actual idea is the last thing you should think about
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My guest today is Richard Turnbull. Originally a senior management consultant at Ernst & Young, he left corporate life to pursue various start up ventures and today he’s the founder and CEO of The Restored, a company looking to empower people to restore their four foundations of health (Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Mindset)
I wanted to bring Richard on the show to find out why he left corporate life to focus on his own businesses, the challenges he faced along the way and what he’s doing with The Restored