Sam Founda

How to stay at luxury hotels for free and grow your Instagram in 2019

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why positioning himself as a marketer first and a content creator second has allowed Sam to build partnerships with some of the world’s most luxurious hotels in the world
  • How Sam built up his own personal Instagram following to 200k+
  • The real reason Instagram is removing “likes” (it’s not what you expect)
  • Sam’s thoughts on the latest Instagram algorithm changes and how to grow your following in 2019
  • Why many agencies are wasting your money when it comes to social media marketing, and how to keep them accountable and delivering real ROI
W: Social Connection & Digital Mastery Coach
Book: 10x Your Brand Using Instagram Marketing
My guest today is Sam Founda, he’s a digital marketer, public speaker, luxury and lifestyle influencer, and the author of “10x Your Brand Using Instagram Marketing”
He’s the Co-founder & Head of Digital Marketing at Social Connection, a leading Australian social media agency where he’s worked with clients such as New Balance, Airbnb, Intercontinental Hotel Group, and many more
The thing I love about Sam’s work is that he’s not just a content creating “influencer”, he’s also a talented marketer so I wanted to bring Sam on the show to find out how he built up his personal brand, how he grew his agency and how he thinks about marketing in general