Blake Hutchison

CEO of Flippa: Lessons learned from a wide ranging career

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What Blake has learned from working in small startups, starting his own business, holding senior positions at Xero and Luxury Escapes, and now as CEO of Flippa
  • How the small business landscape is changing rapidly, and how Blake plans to capitalize on that with Flippa
  • Blake’s thoughts on the Australian startup scene, having worked both here and the United States
  • Why Blake often encourages entrepreneurs to buy a business rather than start one
LinkedIn: Blake Hutchison
My guest today is Blake Hutchison, he’s the CEO of Flippa which is the #1 platform to buy and sell websites and online businesses
He has prior experience working at startups in San Francisco, as well as his own startup in Australia. He’s also held senior positions at Xero and Luxury Escapes
I wanted to bring Blake on the show to find out what he’s learned from his previous startup experience, how that led to where he is today, and what his plans are for Flippa