Christine McDannell

How CoLiving is changing the way we live and how this serial entrepreneur is capitalizing on that

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What CoLiving is and how it’s changing the way we live especially in modern cities
  • What Christine learned from successfully building and selling multiple companies over the past 16 years (all are still in business today)
  • How she is building the technology that will essentially power the back end of this emerging industry
LinkedIn: Christine McDannell
YouTube: The CoLiving Code
Book: The CoLiving Code Book
IG: @christinemcdannell
My guest today is Christine McDannell. She’s an expert in the CoLiving space and a serial entrepreneur who has founded and successfully exited numerous companies
Today her main project is, a Techstars backed software platform for the CoLiving industry
I wanted to bring Christine on the show to find out how she built and sold some of her previous companies, what exactly CoLiving is and how this is changing the way we live especially in modern cities, and how she’s building up her current projects