Sunny Gosal

#4 Hitting rock bottom, bouncing back and building a successful eCommerce business with Sunny Gosal.

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What you’ll learn from this interview:

Plus heaps more! My guest today is Sunny Gosal. This is an interesting story, growing up playing video games, he always dreamed of being a designer at Electronic Arts (arguably the world's largest gaming brand). Sunny achieved what he thought was his dream and joined EA as a designer, but despite a high salary, fun work and Google-esqe perks (free yoga classes, gyms, food etc), he felt like he was too comfortable and the big company bureaucracy was stifling his creativity. So he decided to quit his dream job and ventured into entrepreneurship.
Fair to say it wasn’t a smooth transition, he ended up $40k in debt with four failed businesses to his name. He was overweight, depressed, and even lost his girlfriend. In his words he was at rock bottom.
The good thing about being at rock bottom is that you can only go up from there, and over the next 4 years Sunny became a student of life, he started reading books, going to conferences, listening to audio programs and got in the best physical and mental shape of his life.
Today he runs a successful eCommerce business and has created the Bushido Code which is a catalog of all the tools and strategies which helped him climb out of depression and reach his full potential.
I wanted to bring him on to talk about how he went from rock bottom to where he is today, how specifically he set up his eCommerce business and to talk about the Bushido code.