Chris Ronzio

CEO & Founder of Trainual: Chris Ronzio on building and scaling a SaaS business

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How an internal tool in Chris’ consulting business evolved into Trainual
  • Why he decided to shut down his very profitable consulting business to go all in on Trainual despite only generating ~$4k revenue in their first month
  • Why it’s a myth that in order to build a successful business we need to sacrifice our personal life, and how he’s been able to balance business success with relationship, health & family success
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Podcast: Process Makes Perfect
My guest today is Chris Ronzio, he’s the founder and CEO of Trainual, a tool that growing businesses use to document processes and to simplify onboarding and training
Prior to launching Trainual, Chris ran an operations consulting firm that helped businesses systematize and scale
I wanted to bring Chris on the show to find out why he launched Trainual, how he’s grown it, and what’s next for him