Jason Fox

How to grow a digital marketing agency and create impact with your work

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Jason grew his own digital marketing agency, and how he helps others do the same
  • What he learned about business and life from getting his MBA in the US, and working as a real estate agent in NYC
  • Why he now focuses more on impact with his work over money
  • Why it’s important to build a personal brand while simultaneously building your business
IG: @jasoncfox
My guest today is Jason Fox. Jason completed his MBA on a Full-Ride Soccer Scholarship in the US. After coming back to Australia, injury forced him to give up any career in soccer and he was feeling lost.
He decided that his best bet to remain competitive was to start his own business. He founded JCF Media which is a Digital & Social Media Marketing agency and quickly scaled it to high 6 figures and has now turned his attention to helping as many entrepreneurs as possible do the same.
I wanted to bring Jason on the show to understand his entrepreneurship journey, how he grew his agency and what he wants to accomplish now