Yousof Ahmadzai

He fled the Taliban and came to Australia, now he’s a mortgage broker rated in the top 20 out of 16,000+, writing over $100 million in settlements

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The incredible story of how Yousof came to Australia with his mother, after his father and uncle were publicly executed by the Taliban
  • Whether greatness comes only from adversity, or whether we can cultivate grit without going through severe trauma
  • How he has built up his own Mortgage Broking business, rated in the top 20 brokers out of 16,000 nationwide, writing over $100 million in settlements
  • Why giving back and service is so important to him
  • How he found his purpose in life, and how you can do the same
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My guest today is Yousof Ahmadzai, I’m always blown away by stories where people climb out of adversity and do big things which is why I’m really excited about this interview.
Yousof came to Australia as a refugee from Afghanistan when he was 4 years old after his family was torn apart by the Taliban
Yousof went on to work in financial services, starting at Commonwealth bank, servicing the origination and maintenance needs of CommSec clients before becoming a partner of Simplify Finance which has been rated in the top 20 brokers out of 16,000 nationwide, writing over $100 million in settlements.
The thing that really impresses me about Yousof is how well rounded he is. Not only is he successful in career and business, but he is also committed to his health, personal relationships, and giving back with service to various causes including the Rotary International Organisation, Conviction Group, United Nations Youth NSW and more.
I wanted to bring Yousof on the show to find out more about his story, how he overcame such challenging circumstances and how he’s been able to rise up in business and life