Steve Hui

How to never fly economy class again

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Steve has gone the past 8 years only flying international business or first, and how he helps others do the same
  • How he transitioned from corporate to his own business and the challenges he faced going from being a behind the scenes accountant to becoming the face of his company and brand
  • How he got so much free press for his business, including being featured in Money magazine, Australian Financial Review and many other publications
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My guest today is Steve Hui, he’s the founder & Chief Executive of iFLYflat which provides a fully managed service helping businesses and individuals to uncover the true value of their airline and credit card points.
For over 17 years, Steve held senior finance roles in corporations including Macquarie Bank, but left the corporate world to start his own business inspired by his passion for travel and a burning desire to optimise things.
Steve has been recognized as a Young Business Leader by CPA Australia, he’s been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, Money Magazine and many other publications, blogs and TV networks.
I wanted to bring Steve on the show to find out how he got involved in such a unique niche industry, what the transition from corporate to his own business was like, and what’s next for him.