Tim Beanland

How to develop a sales & marketing skill set while dealing with Bipolar 2

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How growing up as an introverted kid led to a passion for marketing
  • The challenges he’s faced with Bipolar 2 and how he manages it
  • Why he wouldn’t get rid of his illness even if he could
IG: @bean.talking
LinkedIn: Tim Beanland
E: tim@beantalking.com.au
My guest today is Tim Beanland, he’s the host of the BeanTalking podcast where he interviews peak performers who are the best in their field
He’s also a passionate marketing nerd who loves everything about consumer behaviour, content creation and sales
I wanted to bring Tim on the show to find out what he’s learned from podcasting and interviewing top performers, how he thinks about marketing in general and for his projects and what’s next for him