Linda Monique

Food design & founding Almo Milk

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) How her own battle with ongoing autoimmune issues led to founding Almo Milk
  • 2) Why timing is a big factor in business and how she was able to spot and take advantage of a gap in market
  • 3) How she launched and grew the business despite facing huge global competitors
LinkedIn: Linda Monique
IG: @almomilk & @fooddesigning
My guest today is Linda Monique. She’s been a Private Chef and Food Nutrition Consultant, and most recently founder of Almo Milk, an Australian almond milk company which is now available in 8 countries
Almo Milk won the Melbourne International Coffee Expo Product Innovation Award the day it was launched. It has also won a number of other awards; and Linda herself was named Victorian Young Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2017
I wanted to bring Linda on the show to find out more about food design, how she launched and grew Almo Milk and what’s coming up for her