Daniel Prince

Lessons learned from selling supercars, taking a non traditional career path & working in high pressure environments

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) His experience working at McLaren and the level of service required when your clients are dropping $1 Million+ on a car
  • 2) His experience working in high pressure environments as a Ferrari race mechanic at Bathurst 12 Hour
  • 3) How customer service and sales has evolved and how he applies this at his latest role with Mercedes Benz
LinkedIn: Daniel Prince
IG: @dannny_prince
Bathurst 12 Hour Doco
My guest today is Daniel Prince. He’s had a fascinating career as a race mechanic, a technician with McLaren and most recently a product specialist for Mercedes Benz.
I wanted to share Daniel’s story because he had a non traditional path and the stories and lessons from his career are fascinating.