Sunny Gosal

How to build a multimillion dollar eCommerce brand in less than 12 months

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 1) How Sunny launched and grew an outdoor clothing brand from $0 to $1 Million USD in sales within 4 months
  • 2) How to design your ideal business and life
  • 3) How he persevered through multiple failed attempts at business before finding success
My guest today is Sunny Gosal (@sunnyallyear), eCommerce expert and co founder of Northbound Gear (, a brand that designs durable outdoor apparel with a conscience
He launched the brand last October and surpassed $1 Million USD in sales within 4 months, and it’s now a multimillion dollar business
I’ve been involved with the business as it grows and I wanted to interview Sunny to share some of the learnings from the first year of business