Rob Reynosa

Going from a life of unfulfillment and drug abuse to helping millions tap their potential and create their best lives

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What Rob learned from nearly dying of a cocaine overdose 10 years ago and how he was able to climb out of his destructive habits and find fulfillment
  • How writing became one of the most meaningful aspects of Rob’s life despite never thinking of himself as a creative or artistic person, and why creativity is a skill we can develop rather than a fixed trait
  • Why the time we most feel like we need to be in a relationship, is the time we most need to be alone and work on ourselves
  • Why the types of partners we attract is usually a direct reflection of our own level of personal development
My guest on this episode is Rob Reynosa, 10 years ago Rob was in a bad place. He was unfulfilled in his work, and his lifestyle was sending him down a path of self destruction. At one point he realised that if he continued his current trajectory he would end up in jail or dead, which sparked the beginning of a transformation.
Since then Rob has been studying, applying and fine tuning personal development tools and metaphysical principles which helped him drastically turned his life around from negative to positive while experiencing profound spiritual and physical transformation, growth and success.
Rob has made it his purpose in life to create as much mental, spiritual and personal freedom as possible for everyone who is committed to growth. Rob has so far helped millions of people from all over the world unlock their minds, unleash their potential and create their lives by Conscious Design.
He is the creator and founder of THINC | THERE IS NO CEILING which is his platform for achieving this purpose. He is also a Business and Functional Mindset Coach, writer and speaker.
I wanted to bring Rob on the show to discuss the principles he used that to turn his life around, how others can apply these principles to their own life, and how he grew his company THINC