Angie Sanchez

From clinical depression, unfulfilling career and an eating disorder to building a thriving coaching business with Angie Sanchez

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Angie went from feeling stuck in a job she hated, 40 pounds overweight and suffering from clinical depression, to building her own thriving coaching business helping others reach their potential
  • Why she looks back on her darkest times with immense gratitude
  • Why emotional agility and EQ are the most important skills you never learned in school
  • Why money is something that is created, not earned, and why we need to focus on getting paid for value not time
  • The one mindset shift that took public speaking from her biggest fear to one of her biggest strengths
IG: @iamangiesanchez
My guest today is Angie Sanchez, a health and lifestyle coach based in Miami Florida. Angie has had a number of challenges and setbacks she’s had to overcome, including an unfulfilling career, a life threatening car accident, clinical depression and an eating disorder.
She says she knows firsthand what it’s like to feel unconventional, lost, stuck, depressed, not knowing your potential, or the tools that are necessary for growth and change. Because she was in this position herself, it’s become her mission to provide these tools to clients, help them overcome their own challenges and reach their potential.
I wanted to bring Angie on the show to discuss how she overcame her own challenges and what she learned from them, how she built up her coaching business, and how exactly she helps her clients reach their potential.